Techno Innovation Challenge

Techno Innovation Challenge
Activity events
December 9, 2017 / Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Connecting the Mekong through Education and Training (COMET) program, in partnership with Texas A&M University, taught the Mekong Learning Centers how to conduct innovation challenges this Fall. At the Institute of Technology of Cambodia (ITC), the Techno Innovation Challenge finals took place on December 9. The top eight teams pitched their innovative solutions to a judging panel of ITC administration and industry partners. The top three winners are:

·         1st place – Chhlat Commercial Water Cooler, to increase access to drinking water through an innovative water cooling system

·         2nd place – Smart Bin Tech, a smart garbage bin with a sensor to improve waste management

·         3rd place – Go-Spirit’s Banana Nutrient Porridge, a safe and highly nutritious food solution