Agriculture and Food Security Pillar


Activities under the LMI Agriculture and Food Security Pillar seek to facilitate food trade and investment in the region through promoting cooperation with the private sector, governments, and farmer organizations.  Examples include:

Lower Mekong Initiative Food Security Donor Mapping: The activity looks to increase coordination and connectivity throughout the LMI region.  Through a grant to the Mekong Institute, this activity maps agriculture and food security activities in the Lower Mekong.  The goal is to provide regional donors and stakeholders with information on priorities and programs in the food security sector.  Please go to to visit the Donor Map on Food Security in the Lower Mekong sub-region.  

Enabling Agricultural Trade (EAT): The Agribusiness Enabling Environment Assessment is a USAID Enabling Agricultural Trade (EAT) activity.  EAT assesses the regulations and practices that affect the cross-border trade of agricultural inputs across the Lower Mekong region, specifically: seed, fertilizer, pesticide, and fish fry.