Health Pillar

LMI Projects and Activities

Activities under the LMI Health Pillar promote sustainable health development to improve human health and build capacity across sectors. Examples include:

  • One-Health Approach (2016-2018):  This is a two-year program to build inter-sectoral capacity in the region to tackle human health issues by looking at animal and environmental linkages.  The most recent workshop was held in Chiang Mai, Thailand in February 2017.  The project is managed by the University of Minnesota. 
  • Culling Policy Project (2016-2017):  Poultry is considered one of the most important protein sources in Southeast Asia. Culling policies and practice are proven effective in responding to Avian Influenza outbreaks and preventing the disease from spreading. This project reviews the current policies and practices in place for poultry culling, compensation, and disposal and will provide recommendations on best practices.  The project is managed by the Chiang Mai University, Veterinary Public Health Centre for Asia-Pacific.